Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bountiful Baskets

Last Monday we signed up for a bountiful basket and today we picked it up. We were excited because we didn't have to go to the store and what we were getting would be a surprise.

We got...
17 Brussel sprouts
10 Kiwi
8 Minneola (similar to a tangerine)
6 Bananas
6 oz of Blackberries
5 Tomatoes
5 Apples
2 Squash
2 Broccoli bunches
1 English cucumber
1 Head of lettuce

All for the low price of 15 dollars. Exciting exotic things we wouldn't have bought ourselves include the pineapple and the blackberries! Things we wouldn't have bought ourselves because we don't like them include brusselsprouts. Anyone know how to make them not taste like brussel sprouts?


  1. You guy's cousin, Kristin Campbell, who lives in Layton blogged about her bountiful box some time ago. I was curious. That is a neat-looking thing!
    I happen to like brussels sprouts, just boiled. They are good oven-grilled, too. I have just started buying kiwi for variety, with Dad's inability to have fat right now, and we both quite like it, too! :) The mineolas sound interesting, too. We have learned that we quite like clementines, also similar to tangerines.

  2. I want to look into that. Do you have to stand in line for a while to get your basket? That's the part that if it is true, I'm not feeling it so much with 3 kids. I love the assortment and that you get such different fruits and veggies. Brussel sprouts I don't think would be good even if they were disguised as lemon heads.

  3. So I don't like most meat but one that I do like every once in a while is crispy bacon (so go ahead and disreguard this now stac). We found a recipe that chops up the brussel sprouts and cooks them with bacon bits and a little of the grease. We had it over rice and we actually liked it, I never thought the day would come when I could eat brussel sprouts without crying- oh childhood memories...

    Rita great job with the fat free diet! Mineolas have way more seeds than anyone could ever want and might be considered a choking hazard.

    Staci call me sometime and i'll give you more details. We stood in line for about 10 mins. If you order the same weeks we do we could just pick yours up at the same time and then we'd have an excuse to see each other!